OpenATLAS - Test Version

A "work in progress" Version of OpenATLAS is available here. The frontend is written in VBA and designed in MS-Access. The backend of this version can either be file based SQLite or server based PostgreSQL. The functionality covers archaeological stuff and can be used to document, record and manage archaeological sites, features, stratigraphical units, finds and link them to bibliographical resources, images as well as for the design of a typological tree for the categorization of the recorded information.

It is shipped as it is and comes without any warranties. Please be aware of the fact that it is not a commercial product and still under developement. You are free to download and use it at your own risk. Also there are no user-manuals yet.

The software is cost-free and free to use. However, it would be nice to mention OpenATLAS (e.g. in a footnote of a paper or as a link on your  website etc.) when you publish something where OpenATLAS was involved. For scholarly publications we kindly ask you to cite this Paper: 

Stefan Eichert, OpenATLAS - An Open Source Database Application for Archaeological, Historical, and Spatial Data. in: Museen der Stadt Wien – Stadtarchäologie (Ed.), Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 2013, CHNT 18, 2013 (Vienna 2014)  

(download available here)


For further information and a guide on installing please see the OpenATLAS wiki.

We hope you find this software helpful and we would appreciate your feedback via any of our contact-options. Also we would be happy if you share your OpenATLAS-experiences with us and report bugs, request features, contribute manual-texts, code or simply tell us how you like it and what you are using it for.


Please note that we are still developing and that there will be many bugs when you try the software. Please don't hesitate to inform us about bugs and problems, so we can fix them as soon as possible.

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