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OpenAtlas has moved to a new location, where you can find all information on the newest version and download links as well as documentation on the software.

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OpenATLAS is a database application for the work with archeological, historical and spatial data. The developement is currently at an early stage and carried out by a small team from the University of Vienna.


Its main features will be:


  • Open source, cost-free, easy to install/use. No special computer knowledge needed.
  • OpenATLAS will run on Linux/Mac/Windows and can be configured for single-offline users as well as it can be connected to a server for a multiuser environment.
  • It uses classes and properties from the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model of the International Council of Museums to map its data. This international standard for digital humanities guarantees a high compatibility and sustainability for the information collected in OpenATLAS.
  • OpenATLAS is powered by Postgresql and PostGIS (or Sqlite and Spatialite in the file based-offline version) and therefore connectible to every common GIS program like Qgis or ArcGIS.